Automobiles 3.0 (English version)

Dear fellow readers,It is with a great joy that I am proud to present my latest book to be published soon in the Nuvis library and I deliver you above the finalized coverage. 

 As the most perceptive will be able to observe, it is indeed the great Rinspeed Etos which benefited from my hand a detailed item at its public presentation, and whose copyright permission was granted by me director and founder of Rinspeed, M. Rinderknecht. Either again most warmly thanked.The foreword is provided by Philippe Davadie, the author noticed Company: New cyber challenges published by Economica. 

As for the content itself, I leave you to read: 
Automotive: adulated or disparaged, it has become a central topic of our societies since its advent and its latent broadcast to the general public. Fads and problems it generates have been constantly reacting the authorities in each country, according to the passions and disapproval. From the artisan workshop of the late nineteenth century to the global group of early twenty-first, the industry has become more professional over the decades and is considered today as a major economic player. 

Concomitantly, and despite their youth, information systems, communication and control have expanded exponentially in their various forms to the most critical elements of vehicles. 

It is now common for car manufacturers exhibit at electronic high masses, as it is customary to observe the giants of the computer world testing their prototypes on wheels in various areas of Europe, Asia and America. The convergence of both worlds is a reality, and if everyone rushes to his side to take a position on the carrier vehicle market tomorrow, few present players cross the finish line lonely. It is now accepted that the complexity of the phenomenon will require the skills of each trade.But behind a car, they are men: contractors, engineers, designers, researchers, drivers, pilots, artists ... It is they who write this history from its origins and create his future. It is also the obligation for national authorities to understand the essence, and corollary issues, like the cyber world with which the analogies are very numerous. 

The automobile of today and tomorrow is a work which wants public, open to contemporary trends. Because the car is a century-old history, having married since birth the turmoil, anxieties and expectations of human timeline. Focused innovations, she accompanied the advent of electronics and already offers to host one of artificial intelligence: what makes it a key player in cyberspace.

Part I) 
  • Going fast is good, to know where to go fast is better 
  • Volta to rescue the automotive world but not the reverse 
  • Increased dependence of future vehicles to White Gold 
  • The art of camouflage electronic 
  • Electronics in vehicles: opening port (e) s in both directions 
  • Cyberspace and automotive: nested worlds and cross partnerships 
  • Bugs, hackers, electromagnetic pulse: how electronics becomes our worst friend 
  • Formula E electrifies crowds 
  • Intelligence artificial soon without artifice 
  • The circular economy : automotive exemplified the right way
  • Cars without drivers: the emergence of a society without freedom?

Part II) 
  • Rinspeed Etos: Yes a vehicle drone
  • The French drive like idiots 
  • Brazil on the starting grid of the sports car
  • Faster 
  • Races, Russians, Cyber
  • TVR Sagaris, the last roar?  
  • We want to sing the man at the wheel, whose ideal rod passes through the Earth, launched itself on its orbit circuit 
  • Road safety: an example of informational strategy turning empty 
  • German industrial policy: a model 'solidarity efficiency 
  • Lada Revolution or Evolution?  
  • Did you know? (Compilation of amazing facts or anecdotes about the automotive world, civil and sport)Appendix 
  • Glossary 
  • Bibliography 
  • Indicative list EVs 
  • Indicative list driving simulations

The book's release date is scheduled for March 21 on the website of the Nuvis publisher or main ecommerce sites.  

The foreword is provided by Philippe Davadie, member of Radar Echo via the IT blog and author of Orphans noticed Company: New cyber challenges published by Economica.