lundi 19 août 2013

Call for an English translation and distribution of the Russian Cyberstrategy

The first publication dedicated to the Russian e-strategy was released in March 2013. Noticed and praised by various newspapers and experts, the book explained and deciphered the mechanisms of Russia in cyberspace.
Currently available in French, I'm looking for an Anglo-Saxon publisher ready to fully translate and distribute it in English speaking countries.
Furthermore, a new edition is ready for updating.

If you are interested, please contact me by email : consultant.alslor[@]

Translation of
the release announcement for my work in March :

Dear visitors,

In the lineage of my thoughts and research on e-strategy, especially Russian, I am able to announce the release of the first book in French on the Russian e-strategy.

Those who have already read my productions in the New Journal of Geopolitics (January 2013) or Supplement on the cyberspace of the Journal of National Defence (June 2012) will have the pleasure of having a more than substantial addition to about these introductory analysis. Also, I wanted to dedicate my first party to the e-strategy in itself, so as not to come too abruptly in the subject, and allow me to open out some developments necessaries for the understanding of the subject. A digital version is now available on the publisher's website, and add my researches on e-strategy in as soft and hard power as the relationship and differences with electronic warfare.The book deals with the Soviet cybernetics, decreed initially capitalist science (meaning godless) and reformatted to be compatible with the socialist dogma in a second time to end up being devoid of any ideological statement. It is the merit of the father figure Anatoly Kitov which is dedicated to the book, the father of the Soviet cybernetics is also one of the e-strategy by extension.This course examines the relationships between the various actors in cyberspace, and also expresses what I call the civilizational substrate in Russia involves a particular conception of the strategy in new strategic field for both public and military authorities. And how its geopolitical bicephalous interfere with its e-strategy.Foreword by Jacques Sapir, director of studies at EHESS price Castex the best book for Strategic Studies The Soviet Military System.

Presentation: Paperback/Digital
Number of pages: 245 pages
Weight: 380 g
Dimensions: 16 X 24 cm
Collection: Cyberspace and cyber
Publisher: Editions Nuvis
Publication date: 28/03/2013
ISBN: 978-2-36367-051-9
EAN: 9782363670519
Official site:

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